Wednesday, September 13, 2017

List of Known Pattern Mutations (Spontaneous pop-ups) that have occurred in North America

Will update with more as they are brought to light. Plan to add pictures as time permits.

Great Plains Tisket 2003
Parents:  Great Plains Harris Aa/Aa x Great Plains Tulip Ag/Aa or Aa/Aa

Thistledown R'un 2011
Parents: Heart Cross Ramos Ag/Aa x Heart Cross Lola Ag/Aa

Glen Tamarack Ganymede 2015
Parents: Ok Acres Pluto Ab/Aa x Glen Tamarack Tasha Aa/Aa

Welglen Barbara Anne 1993
Parents: Dayspring Glacier Awt/Aa x Dailley Irene Aa/Aa

Sheltering Pines Cedric II 1998
Parents: Hopeful Angus Aa/Aa x Sheltering Pines Saffron Awt/Ag or Awt/Aa

Whistlestop 0237 AI 2002
Kier Gordon Awt/Aa x Whistlestop 0028 Aa/Aa

Under The Son Kurulu Thuda 2016
Parents: Under The Son Machengo Awt/Aa x Under The Son Kjolen Ab/Aa

Regina Laudis Zephyr 1999
Parents: Cabbage Hill Corky Ag/Aa or Ab/Aa x Cabbage Hill Benny Aa/Aa
Note: Potentially not a mutation, but one stemming from original imports. I have questions about pedigree information, and I've yet to see photos of Zephyr, but pictures from the Abbey of Regina Laudis do show katmogets. Additionally, past visits by NASSA members have verified that the Abbey did have katmogets at one point, but the line was not kept.

Sleepy Hollow Hot Toddy 2017
Lil' Country Nightcap Aa/Aa x Sleepy Hollow Maeve Awt/Aa
Note: Maeve's twin, Sleep Hollow Lachlann, is a suspect Sweep ram and is being tested on ewes Fall 2017.


None known at this time.

None known at this time.

None known at this time.

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