Monday, August 28, 2017

Breeding Groups 2017

This year, lambing was mostly a wash. Of the 14 lambs I had, only 3 were sold to registered flocks and only one was retained. I was not wholly impressed with quality of the lambs this time around, and the polled genes were much too prevalent for my liking. So, this year, I brought in two new rams, as well as parted with as much of my polled lines or non-p' allele lines as possible.

Breeding Group 1

Shaltz Farm Rex (Shaltz Farm Kurt x Shaltz Farm Opal)

Aa/Aa BB/B? (Likely BB) SS/S? M?/Mm p/p'?
     Shaltz Farm Rex was gifted to me this past summer from Shaltz Farm in Boyne City, MI and offers a unique set of genetics. Zack Shaltz, the owner of Shaltz Farm, had operated a closed flock since purchasing Lugthart Fameflower AI, in 2008, from Stephen Rouse.
     Following Fameflower's passing in 2010, Zack used Fame's son, Shaltz Farm Kurt, on the entirety of the flock, each year, until this last fall (for reasons unbeknownst to me), where he, instead, used Rex.
     Rex is not only out of a father-daughter breeding, but Rex's dam, Opal, was out of a half-sibling breeding, as Kurt and Opal's dam, Gloria, share the same dam, El-Jireh's Bella. Bella is a proven horned p' allele carrier, and Kurt was a very likely candidate for being a p' allele carrier. This makes Rex incredibly promising for my p' allele (horns in both sexes) breeding program.
     In addition to this interesting lineage, is the fact that Rex is one of the few rams in the country with a tail male line going back to Enfield Greyling.
     Rex has already proven to be able to produce, having sired all of Zack's lambs this past spring. To my knowledge, all the lambs were black based. So, that's a pretty solid indication that he is homozygous black, which means all the lambs will be black-based.
     Rex is warm-black, Bridget is mioget gulmoget, and Angelina is sheala, so this incidentally became a dilute/modified group as well. I've also just discovered Rex also has moonspotting, so potentially, that could be thrown, too.
     So, without further ado, Rex's ewes:

1. Underhill Bridget (Underhill Gulliver AI x Shepherdwoods Tara)
At/Aa Bb/Bb SS/S? M?/Mm p'/p'

3. Farview Farm Angelina (Sheltering Pines Darius x Sheltering Pines Gwenhwyfach)
Aa/Aa BB/BB SS/Ss MM/Mm p/p


Breeding Group 2

Korsvejgaard Royal (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Ab/Aa BB/Bb SS/Ss MM/Mm p/p or p/p'


     Korsvejgaard Royal is a ram out of my own breedings, but which was sold to breeders that live nearby. This year, I had the opportunity to buy him back and jumped at the opportunity. I think of all of Luminous' lambs, Royal was probably the best of any pairing I could have gotten. He has his sire's wonderful medium-wide horns, and his dam's crimpy fleece.
     Being the son of Luminous, whose dam was a button-scurred ewe, Lucille, and the son of a heterozygous horned ewe (Kristine), Royal offers a lot of potential for carrying horned ewe genetics. Two of his ewes are half-siblings, with Catherine additionally being a niece, and Kristine is Royal's dam. So, this a great group in terms of consolidating genetics.
     Royal was born with facial spotting and even still has a tiny spot on his nose, so he is a spot carrier, as are all the ewes he is with. Kristine and Princess are fully spotted, and Catherine was born with a krunet spot that faded.
    Royal is also heterozyous black and heterozygous kamoget, so the lambs he throws (and have thrown already for the O'Meara's) should be very diverse in color display, especially since all of his ewes are moorit-based.
    Now, here are Royal's ewes:  

1. Sheltering Pines Kristine (Underhill Thelonius Monk x Sheltering Pines Catherine)
Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss MM/M? p'/p

2. Korsvejgaard Catherine (Korsvejgaard Lucid Dream x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Ab/Aa Bb/Bb SS/Ss M?/Mm p'/? (P or p)

3. Hillside Princess (Petite Acres Gavin x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss M?/Mm p'/p'

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