Friday, July 28, 2017

Urban Farming?

      Back in April, while walking in Island Park (the park right behind my house here in Mt. Pleasant), I spotted this random potato in the grass, looking like it had gone through a few rounds of being DIY Mr. Potato Head. I thought it was odd, and chuckled at the absurdity of stumbling a random potato in the park, but didn't think much of it after that.

      Fast forward two months, and in some woods at the edge of the park, not far from where I found the first potato, I was stalking a feral cat I've been trying to catch (another blog for another day), and I stumbled upon a whole bunch of potatoes. Seeing that they were rooting into the ground and sprouting like crazy, I decided to take them home and plant them in my unused flower boxes. 

The following day, I returned to the woods and found seven more. Then, planted those, too.
 Fun fact: it's incredibly embarrassing trying to act nonchalant as you're walking out of the woods or walking through the park with hand-fulls of potatoes.

     The weekend just after planting, I went to the farm, and picked up a bag of my composted sheep manure (still have some for sale, by the way, just $2 a bag!), and filled the flower boxes up the rest of the way, as they were only about half-full and, half-filled with pea stone.  Well, two weeks later, this is where we're at:

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  1. I have your yarn and it will be for sale at the Sandhill Crane Wine and Wool Festival tomorrow I did sell one hope to sell more be in touch sunday and let you know how the warn went it is beautiful. Diana Eakin


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