Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lambing Summary

I had posted the list of lambs earlier, and frequently post pictures on the Korsvejgaard Facebook page, but I thought I would take a quick minute to summarize lambing this year.

Overall, it was an odd lambing year. I had added 4 new ewes to the flock last summer, and used two unproven rams, so I suppose some surprises are to be expected. I had one lamb born with droopy ears and an underbite. The ears later corrected, but the underbite did not. She was given away to a new home. Numerous lambs this year had problems finding the teats. We had two reject lambs, one was born half the size of it's twin- two hours after it's twin- then died of pneumonia a few days after being born. The other was born to a high-strung first time mom who clearly only wanted to take care of one lamb (it would butt the reject lamb repeatedly). That one was given away as well. Bella's twin rams were born looking the same size, but one is growing twice as fast as it's twin. The smaller one went through some odd conformation phases, but is finally beginning to even out.

I'm not super impressed with the lambs this year. I think my lamb crops the past couple years have been considerably nicer. The horn development on the ram lambs has been pathetic as well, though, some of that was expected considering the rams I used. Bridget's lamb by Eugene has the nicest growing horns so far in terms of length, but they seem to be growing straight back, rather than arching out, which is the same issue Eugene had. I might hang onto him, even though his fleece doesn't look like it will be very fine.

Of the ewe lambs, two have noticeable horn buds growing so far, and those are Catherine and Duchess. Duchess has a fleece like Princess, so I don't know what I want to do with her just yet. Catherine is my hands-down favorite lamb this year. She is definitely going to be retained. No notable horn evidence on Marcella (Madeline's ewe lamb). I don't dislike Marcella, but there's nothing about her that really screams "RETAIN ME!". She's just an average fawn katmoget lamb. I don't feel any divets on her poll, so I hope that means she doesn't carry the polled gene from Lucid. Her spot is held here until I have a reason to move her on, or she begins growing horns; wherein she'll be more suited for my breeding program.

New Sheep and Sales

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