Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seeking Ram for 2017 Breeding

Hi everyone, I'm seeking a ram for breeding next fall. Here are some attributes I'm looking for the ideal ram:

-Square hocks. Firm backlegs, no low-slung German Shepherd-type hips.
-Small, fluke tail.
-Horned, with no polled background and ideally a son of a horned ewe.
-Modified/dilute okay.
-Spotting ideal.
-Black or Moorit based, doesn't really matter.
-Ideally a ram lamb, but a mature adult with a good disposition will do as well.
-Fine fleeced, micron test not absolutely necessary.

May be willing to trade Korsvejgaard Lucid Dream for the right ram. May end search if I get what I am looking for in 2017 lambs.

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