Saturday, September 3, 2016


Some of you may have noticed that I took down my genetics pages. I didn't really want to, but between some individuals requesting their photos and information be removed (admittedly, not all of them were taken with permission first) and numerous formatting troubles, I ultimately felt it was time. I have saved all the information on my laptop in a word document, so that in the event that I find a better, easier platform to share the information on, I will not have to re-find all the sources and information.

I have added quite a few ewes to the flock this year (4) and am particularly excited for lambing this coming spring. I've tried to do my best in putting together breeding groups, especially to best utilize the elderly ewes I have, so we'll see what we get. Breeding groups are posted on my Korsvejgaard Facebook page, if you want to check them out.

Potential Fall Breeding Groups: Group #3 of 3

Wintertime Jay-Z Sire: Wintertime Blue Jay Dam: Wintertime Malia Color Genotype: Ab/Aa BB/BB SS/S? MM/M? Horn Genotype/Phenotype: p/p? T...