Sunday, April 24, 2016

My top picks so far.

The past couple years, I have been kind of apathetic when it comes to naming lambs. So, I just name the ones I like best, then let my Mom name the others (sorry to those who buy from me).

Korsvejgarrd Lucid Dream (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Korsvejgaard Lucille).

This ram lamb is out of a mother-son breeding, and appears to be even finer and more consistent than his sire (Luminous is one of the nicest rams I've ever produced, but he's lost some of his fineness already - a trait I believe that was passed down from Rambo's dam, who was very coarse). He doesn't have quite the tail I was looking for from this cross (Angelina's dark lamb has a much more typey tail). but I think that, like his parents, he'll grow into it, and it will improve with age. He appears to have horn buds, so I am curious to see how his horns will turn out, as I haven't figured out Lucille's and Luminous' horn genotypes yet (and whether or not Lucille carries polled). I do plan on keeping him for this fall, and will likely use him on my coarser ewes. I am also considering bringing in a very fine fleeced ewe to match with him.

 Korsvejgaard Horned Eugene (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Underhill Bridget)
Then there's this guy, Horned Eugene (hehe), the ram I've been wishing for from Bridget for 4 years! He definitely carries one p' allele from Bridget (woo!), and who knows what from Luminous. I like his conformation so far, but he is still very young, and I haven't been able to evaluate him well yet. It's very likely that if he turns out well (crossing my fingers), he'll be used this fall as well, as this will move along our breeding program immensely!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I counted my chickens before they hatched.

So, I learned this week that PS23 Hadassah (the horned ewe I had planned on bringing up from Texas) was killed by a predator. While this is definitely a loss to our breeding program, simply because we are no longer able to use her, it's also a bummer because I offered certain ewes for sale that I had not thought of selling prior to making plans for Hadassah to come north, one of those ewes which is now deceased (another story- It's been a rough couple of weeks). In the bigger picture, this is also a loss to the breed in North America. While there is a decent chunk of the population carrying the p' gene, I am not aware of a whole lot of sheep that are homozygous p'. Hadassah was one of the few that I know of. With Bridget now 9 years old (not many years left for breeding, if any), the heat is on, persay. Time will tell if we retire her this year or use her again this fall. While conservation is a top priority here at our farm, it is second to animal welfare. I'm going to have much to ponder over in preparation for fall.

New Sheep and Sales

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