Sunday, March 13, 2016

Introducing: Psalm 23 Hadassah

 Psalm 23 Hadassah is a magnificent ewe who has long been on my wish list. For various reasons at different times at which she had been offered for sale by Laura Matthews in the past, I was unable to get her, or had to back out on the sale. Eventually Jules Behrens snatched her up along with a few other horned ewes of Laura's when Laura decided to disperse her flock. So, when Jules was forced to put her up for sale, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity this time around. Hadassah is currently in Texas at Elizabeth Priebe's, but plans are in the works to get her to Colorado, then back to the Midwest, and eventually to Michigan. It's a crazy complicated mess that involves the assistance of many helpful breeders, but totally worth it. 

Psalm 23 Hadassah
Sizemore Cortez and Psalm 23 Hadassah

Psalm 23 Hadassah - possibly slightly cow hocked here, but I don't know if this photo is entirely representative, in either case, correctness in legs is something I have selected for for some time, and should not be an issue long-term.

Psalm 23 Harmony and Psalm 23 Hadassah
 From what I have seen in photos, Hadassah is pretty great conformationally, very nice in terms of fleece, and throws high quality animals. She is loaded with UK lines and p' lines. I am 100% certain she is p'/p'. Check out her pedigree below!


    Some animals from her pedigree:

Psalm 23 Funzie AI p'/p

Psalm 23 Fife AI p'/p

Sabbath Farm Fonteyn p'/p' or p'/p

Sheepy Hollow Sienna p'/p
    I am very much looking forward to seeing where she can take our breeding program, as she not fills both our goals, but incorporates lines that are not very common already in our flock.

Potential Fall Breeding Groups: Group #3 of 3

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