Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sheltering Pines Kristine

Sheltering Pines Kristine (Underhill Thelonius Monk x Sheltering Pines Catherine). Kristine is coming from my friend Gary Anderson, of Hillside Farms in Sparta, MI. She is eight years old. I suspect she is either p'/p' or p/p'. She appears to be Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss MM/MM.

 I believe her sire was p'/p' and I have long suspected her dam to be p'/p, as she has produced one ewe, Amity, who has small button scurs, and many rams with monster horns.

Kristine's Sire, Underhill Thelonius Monk (Underhill Bartok AI x Underhill Amanda Panda).

Kristine's sire, Underhill Thelonius Monk(Underhill Bartok AI x Underhill Amanda Panda).

Kristine's dam, Sheltering Pines Catherine (Underhill TS Eliot x Justalit'l Pebbles).
Kristine's dam, Sheltering Pines Catherine (Underhill TS Eliot x Justalit'l Pebbles).

2009 ram lamb of Kristine's, Windy Meadows Columbo.

 Catherine, as a nine year old, had the following micron results:
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Talk about fineness well into old age! This exactly what I would like to add to my flock, and my hopes are that Kristine inherited this trait.

I am excited to have Kristine stay with us. Not only will she be a great addition to our p'/p' breeding program, but she also brings back lines into the flock that I no longer have, as I used to own a ram out of Catherine, Sheltering Pines Blanc De Riz.

Blanc was sired by Wintertime Fudge, and had been bought as a replacement for Wintertime Moth, my first registered ram, after Moth died amid a ram battle. I unfortunately only had Blanc for a month, before he died too, from causes unknown (likely some kind of worms). When I purchased him, he had a "dopey" appearance and bottle jaw, and he just went downhill from there (for the record, Steve did replace Blanc with another ram for free the following year, SP Boston (Wintertime Black Forrest x Sheltering Pines Hermione), but I never used him...I don't think he was ever even registered).

Before I put him in full quarantine, he did manage to breed one of my ewes, Farview Farm Rosie (Wintertime Blues AI x Sheltering Pines Gwenhwyfach), and produced a favorite ewe of mine, Korsvejgaard Corrina. I kept Corrina for a few years, but she was one of the first ones to be purchased during my more recent fire sale (people go for the white sheep first).

Sheltering Pines Blanc De Riz (Wintertime Fudge x Sheltering Pines Catherine).
Sheltering Pines Blanc De Riz (Wintertime Fudge x Sheltering Pines Catherine).

Sheltering Pines Blanc De Riz (Wintertime Fudge x Sheltering Pines Catherine).

 I can look forward to decent fleeced lambs from Kristine, with good depth, thick horns, and great toplines. I do have to worry about slightly weak rear legs (*COUGH* I blame Catherine! *COUGH*) and possibly narrow polls.

 At this point, I am feeling like I will put her with Korsvejgaard Luminous. I think that will produce a better outcome than putting her with Sheep Shed Edsel. This pairing will also insure that one of Luminous' offspring will be heterozygous, carrying at least one allele for solid, if he turns out to be Ab/Ab.

Potential Fall Breeding Groups: Group #3 of 3

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