Monday, May 11, 2015

More History on Shetlands in America

American Sheep Breeder and Wool Grower June, 1912
"And don't forget the Shetlands, not Shetland Ponies, but Shetland Sheep. The only flock in America belongs to ye editor's wife and was presented to the fair lady by Mr. Stephens, the Noted English Hampshire Breeder, and purveyor of more writing fluid than any other gentleman on earth. The mere sight of a bevy of Shetland beauties grazing on the lawn at Cholderton sets wild the sheep visitor at Manager Kerr's domicile. They are all shades and colors, with black or brown legs, small, nervous heads, with "yellow eyes". They are a regular greyhound sheep, and can vault an eight-foot fence with the ease and grace of a Russian wolf hound, and as for getting through the wires, the have been known to push through fish net to get at green stuff. They are used to the rocks and hills of the Shetland Islands, and, like the cheviot, will climb if they have to hike up the side walls of a sheep shed. Their favorite resort at our ranch is the top of the milk house. They scorn to associate with other breeds, are more likely than to lambs in a bush along the river banks, and in six hours the youngsters can gallop like deer. The best wool from the Shetland Sheep is known as "moraise", and brings hree shillings per pound. The fleece is as soft as down, and such delicate texture is found in no other covering of the ovine race. The Island peasants spin by hand this wonderful wool into marvelous shawls that make the feminine eyes sparkle with delight. There are but few flocks in England. We have had a de'il of a time acclimating these sheep to Michigan. They pine for the stormy winters of the rock bound island. They love snow and sleet, and sniff at grain when there is browse and bracken in plenty."
The Field Illustrated, October, 1917
"Bunn breeds more winners, shows more winners, owns more winners, than any breeder in America. The greatest Shetland sire known to the world, Prince of Wales, his son, Champion Prince Patton, winner of first, New York and Chicago, 1916, Nipper Jr, the greatest living Hackney Pony sire in America, sire of Mighty Mite, and others, Champion Welsh Stallion John Brown, are all in --- in this herd. Two hundred and fifty bred for sale. Also breed pure bred Hampshire Swine and Shetland Sheep. Write your wants.
 Charles E. Bunn, Peoria, Ill."

The Sheep Breeder, 1921
"A new York subscriber wants to know where he can buy Shetland Sheep. Not in the U.S."

New Sheep and Sales

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