Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Collection of information on what is "Sweep" in Shetlands.

This is all the information I have gathered on Sweep.

"Sweep", I have learned, is the Shetland dialect for this pattern. I don't know whether the name was passed to Roger Lundie from the Shetlands, or the reverse.

Saskia Dittgen, Germany
“The left hand ewe has a very interesting fur.  It is very light at the skin, than has a darker grey area, and then the brown color that you see at the tips. I'm not sure if she has a mix of light and dark fibers. For me all fibers looked the same, but it has this color banding.”

Lynn Robertson, Foula, Shetland, United Kingdom
“This is 'sweep' (what it is called in the dialect). This black ram has tear drop marks, but no chin markings like gulmoget/imie. Just looks like an ordinary black ram everywhere else, with slight shaela (what we call shaela) on his sides. This is the only sheep we've noticed with it so far. He is a hill ram.”

Same ram as above. Lynn is hoping to reproduce more of it, along with Sheila Gear of Foula.

Dori Ann, Statesville, North Carolina, United States

Unregistered ewe, Maggie May, pictured below.
“Her stomach is brown like her neck and her fleece is a light silver at the root and her under coat is taupe. She is the oddest colored sheep I have ever seen! The eye spots come from her sire, MidnightBrez Erin's Glofly.”

Norma Moore, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, United States

“I bought MidnightBrez Erin’s Glofly from a lady outside of Charlotte, NC. I think his Sire’s name was Red Ram Firefly. I do know nearly all of Glofly’s offspring had the teardrops beneath the eyes.

I know Firefly's owners flew sheep in from all over.”

Katy Abbas, New Hampton, Iowa, United States

Katy Abbas had many animals with this pattern in her flock, over a few year's time. Katy no longer registers her sheep with, or associates with NASSA, and has not for a couple years now. She did not seem to understand my questions about the patterned sheep she had, and stopped replying to my e-mails. I don't know if she still has it on her farm or not.

Jean Franklin, El Dorado Hills, California, United States
I gathered the picture of this ewe from Jean Franklin's website. I tried to speak with her via e-mail, but she is very old and conversation proved to be difficult.

Lindsay Hermanson, Theodore, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lindsay did not notice the eye spots until the ram was around 3 or 4 months. It may be Ag as well.

Jonathan Loftin, USA
Probable cases of Sweep in his flock.

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  1. I have to add some information about my ewe (the one on the first picture). She is sweep AND grey, so Ag/Asw. That explains the colour of her fur. A sweep coloured son of her without Ag was plain moorit with light teardrops.


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