Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Genetic Make-up of the Flock

Korsvejgaard Rambo (Wintertime Blues AI x Hillside Dolly)

Percentage Dailley: 51.5625%
Percentage Flett: 1.5625%
Percentage UK: 46.875 %

Farview Farm Angelina (Sheltering Pines Darius x Sheltering Pines Gwenhwyfach)

Percentage Dailley: 100%
Percentage Flett: 0%
Percentage UK: 0%

Korsvejgaard Lucille (Korsvejgaard Sting x Shaltz Farm Katie)

Percentage Dailley: 56.4678125%
Percentage Flett: 0%
Percentage UK: 43.5321875%

Underhill Bridget (Underhill Gulliver AI x Shepherdwds Tara)

Percentage Dailley: 75%
Percentage Flett: 0%
Percentage UK: 25%

Korsvejgaard Fudge (Korsvejgaard Lazlo x Underhill Bridget)

Percentage Dailley: 74.663828125%
Percentage Flett: 0.390625%
Percentage UK: 24.945546875

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