Monday, January 19, 2015

A Really Cool Find!

American Sheep Breeder
August, 1916
Shetland Sheep
grow the finest and softest wool in the world. The outer wool is shorn- the inner wool is plucked (like a goose). Shetland wool is woven by hand into beautiful shawls or line? veils. During normal times this wool fetches $7.50 per pound in England. Lately it has brought $1.25 per pound. There are few flocks of Shetland sheep in England and the number on the Shetland Islands is steadily decreasing. They are black, brown, and spotted. The Shetland crosses well with any breed. They are small sheep and very hardy and inbreeding does not seem to weaken their constitution. For the first time I am offering stock for sale. Can spare 4 or 6 ram lambs this fall. Some of these are jet black and others are slightly spotted.
Mrs. W. W. Burch
R No. 3 Coopersville, MI

Excerpts from Domestic Breeds in America, August 17, 1914.

This article is particularly interesting because it predates the Flett Shetland Import in 1948.

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