Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Agouti Alleles brought about by Mutation

Up until this point, the only Agouti Alleles known to have descended from the Dailley Lines were Aa, Awt, Ag, Albf, and At (Tisket/ Canadian Variant).

Gulmogets in the U.S.

A mutation that popped up in Colorado, in 2010, with the ewe, Thistledown Gainn. Gainn appears to be a gulmoget, but of similar type to the gulmogets produced by UK Roban Dillon, and not like the Canadian/ Tisket gulmogets (which lack the chest stripe).  Gainn is Ag. She is out of two Ag parents pictured below. Gainn has reproduced the gulmoget pattern, as have her offspring. Repeated breedings of the parents have not produced another gulmoget and no other ram had been on the farm at that time.

Thistledown Gainn

Heart Cross Ramos, Gainn's sire (Ag/A? (Ag or Aa) ).
Heart Cross Lola, Gainn's Dam (Ag/A? (Aa or Ag) ).

Thistledown Ru'n (Heart Cross Ramos x Thisledown Gainn). 2011 Ewe, the offspring of a Father-daughter breeding back to Ramos, also Ag/At. Ru'n has also produced gulmogets.

Thistledown Maduinn (Sizemore Jublain x Thistledown Ru'n) 2013 Ewe Showing the gulmoget pattern with no Ag (At/Aa).

Dailley Ab Katmogets in the U.S.
Up until this point, I think that most breeders have suspected that any katmogets that came from the Dailley lines were light badgerface (Albf). After some research, I have found a couple lines of Ab katmogets tracing back to Dailley Ram, Z12345 #B.Y. 65 - Black S Ram 1988-04-20, who produced 19 offsping, including,

Dailley Silversmith S0331 #RD 240 - Emsket Bleset, Katmollet Tw Ram 1991-04-10 and

Dailley Silversmith produced 21 offspring, including,

Cabbage Hill Betsy S2183 #CHF#19 - Fawn Katmoget Tw Ewe 1993-04-12, who produced,

Cabbage Hill Corky S2185 #CHF#81 - Grey w/ white ears S Ram 1994-04-20, who produced,

ReginaLaudis Zephyr S11822 #002 - Fawn Katmoget Tw Ewe 1999-04-18, who produced 7 offspring at The Abbey of Regina Laudis, Bethlehem, Connecticut. Six of the 7 offspring were katmoget, some of these offspring produced more katmoget offspring. These katmogets are of interesting significance, as they allow us a deeper understanding of the genetics of the Dailley imports. They are also another bloodline that could potentially be crossed with UK Katmoget Genetics.

A Fawn Katmoget Ewe at The Abbey of Regina Laudis.

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