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Dailley Breeding Season 1981- Lambing 1982

Dailley Breeding Season 1981- Lambing 1982

4 Rams, 42 Ewes

------ Color to Color Breeding
------ Repeat Breeding
------ Father to Daughter Breeding
------ Mother to Son Breeding

------ Discrepancy

Colonel Moorit Ram #0983 Z0983           C1981-1982
1. Canada 64 Z0964 Moorit Ewe
                               -Twin Ram Z2400
                                    -Twin Ram Z2401
2. Canada 61 Z0961 Moorit Ewe
                                    -Twin Ewe Z2421
3. Canada 62 Z0962 Moorit Ewe
                                    -White Twin Ram Z2398
                                    -Moorit Twin Ewe Z1399

4. Canada 63 Z0963 Moorit Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe
5. Canada 66 Z0966 Moorit Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2402
6. Canada 69 Z0969 Moorit Horned Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2423
7. Canada 68 Z0968 Moorit Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2424
8. Z1744 (Colonel x Canada 64) Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2406
9. Z1740 (Colonel x Canada 67) Moorit Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2428
10. Z1774 (Colonel x Canada 68) Moorit Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2428
11. Z1734 (Colonel x Canada 69) Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2403
12. Dailley Dawn Z1736 (Colonel x Canada 61) Fawn Twin Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2404
13. Z1743 (Colonel x Canada 62) Moorit Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2429
14. Dailley Corrine Z1720 (Pierre x Canada 60) Fawn Twin Ewe
                                   -Dailley Dena Light Moorit Single Ewe Z2425
15. Z1735 (Colonel x Canda 61) Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ewe Z2426
16. Z1739 (Colonel x Canada 66) Moorit Single Ewe
                                   - Single Ram Z2405

Duncan Blue/Grey #0984 Z0984        D1981-1982

1. Canada 72 Z0972 White Ewe
                                   -White Single Ewe Z2430
2. Canada 74 Z0974 White Ewe
                                   -White Single Ewe Z2432
3. Canada 57 Z0957 Blue/Grey Horned Ewe
                                   -Twin Ram Z2410
                                   -Dailley Flether Grey Twin Ram Z2411
4. Canada 55 Z0955 Blue Grey Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2407
5. Canada 73 Z0973 White Ewe
                                   -White Single Ewe Z2431
6. Canada 56 Z0956 Blue/Grey Ewe
                                   -Dailley Ole Blue Blue/Grey Twin Ram Z2408
                                   -Twin Ram Z2409
7. Z1750 (Hartland x Canda 72) Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2413
8. Dailley Della (Hartland x Canada 79) White Twin Ewe
                                   -White Single Ram Z2433
9. Dailley Daphne (Duncan x Canada 58 Grey Twin Ewe
                                   -Grey Single Ram Z2414
10. Z1751 (Hartland x Canda 75) Single Ewe
                                   -Single Ram Z2412
11. Z1753 (Hartland x Canada 79) Twin Ewe
                                   -White Single Ewe Z2434

Hartland Blue/Grey Ram #0985 Z0985 H1981-1982
1. Canada 58 Z0958 Blue/Grey Ewe
                                   -Ram Z1893
2. Canada 70 Z0970 White Ewe
                                   -Twin Ewe Z2438
                                   -Twin Ewe Z2439
3. Canada 82 Z0982 White Ewe
                                  -White Ewe Z2442
4. Canada 79 Z0979 White Ewe
                                  -White S Ewe Z2441
5. Canada 75 Z0975 White Ewe
                                  -Single Ewe Z2440
6. Canada 76 Z0976 White Ewe
                                  -White Single Ram Z2418
7. Z1726 (Pierre x Cnada 81) White Twin Ewe
                                  -Dailley Farah Musket S ewe Z2243
8. Dailley Dale Z1724 (Pierre x Canda 80) White Twin Ewe
                                  -White S Ram
9. Z1727 (Pierre x Canada 81) Twin Ewe
                                  -S Ram Z2420

Pierre White Ram #0986 Z0986     P1981-1982
1. Canada 78 Z0978 White Ewe
                                  -White S Ram Z2415
2. Canda 77 Z0977 White Ewe
                                  -White S Ewe Z2435
3. Canda 80 Z0980 White Ewe
                                  -White S Ewe Z2436
4. Canda 81 Z0981 White Ewe
                                  -White S Ewe Z2437
5. Canada 59 z0959 Black Ewe
                                  -Dailley McMunch White S Ram Z2416
6. Z1728 (Duncan x Canda 56) Grey Twin Ewe
                                 - White S Ram Z2417

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