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Dailley Breeding Rams Fall 1980- Fall ’85 (Quarantine Period)

Dailley Breeding Rams Fall 1980- Fall ’85 (Quarantine Period)
1. Colonel Moorit Ram
 2. Duncan Blue/Grey Ram

3. Hartland Blue/Grey Ram
4. Pierre White

1. Colonel
2. Duncan
3. Hartland

4. Pierre

(Note: Here we see the loss of Colonel, he apparently liked to butt a beam in the barn, and he somehow broke his jaw doing it, so he had to be put down. Z1756, out of Canada 65, seems to have taken his place.)
1. Duncan

2. Hartland
3. Pierre
4. Z1721 (Pierre x Canada 60) Fawn Tw Ram
5. Z1737 (Hartland x Canada 70) S Ram (Likely White)
6. Z1756 (Colonel x Canada 56) Moorit S Ram


(Note: In the Background provided by Theresa, it is noted that  on Oct 22, 1983, the Colonel had asked for another 20-30 ewes from the North and West sides of the Mainland. This was before breeding season.  If he saw the article describing the type of sheep on the different parts of the Island, you could assume that he would have also saw the description of Shetland fleece. Assuming that the request for more ewes was due to the fact that there was influence of crosses evident in his own flock, one would think that this new desire to breed purer stock would guide him to be more selective when setting up breeding groups and culling members of the flock, unless, of course, he viewed the original importation as a loss….which is highly unlikely.)

(Additional Note:  From Linda Doane, “Colonel Dailley was the first to admit he knew little about sheep, much less fleece or anything else about the fiber industry, but he was a good study and fast learner. He relied initially on advice from a friend in the wool business(Ted Carson; Handcraft Wools Limited; Streetsville Ontario. I am sure that Mr.Carson is long since retired and/or deceased as it has been a very long time since I have heard mention of him. In the day, he was well known.”

 More information on/ mentions of Ted Carson:


1. Duncan

2. Hartland
3. Pierre
4. Z1721 (Pierre x Canada 60)
5. Z1737 (Hartland x Canada 70)
6. Z1756 (Colonel x Canada 65)
7. Z2407 (Duncan x Canada 55) S Ram (Likely BB/Bb)

(Note: I find it interesting that, of the three rams that are added to the mix this year,  two are sons of a Father-Daughter breeding…perhaps this is just coincidence, or maybe we can conclude that he was breeding to produce Shetlands with purer genetics. A ram with 75% of its DNA being that of known “pure stock” is definitely a better option over a ram with only 50%. ) 

1. Duncan
2. Hartland
3. Pierre
4. Z1737 (Hartland  x  Canada 70)
5. Z2407 (Duncan  x  Canada 55)
6. Z2405 (Colonel  x  Z1739 [Colonel x Canada 66]) S Ram (Likely Moorit)
7. Z2399 (Colonel  x  Canada 62) Moorit S Ram
8. Dailley Brodie Z3184 (Hartland  x  Z2430 [Hartland  x Canada 72]) Grey Tw Ram

(Note:  This year,  we no longer see Duncan, Hartland, or Pierre being used. This is the last breeding during Isolation. Of the eight rams used this year, three of them are not related to Hartland. Conclude from that what you wish. )

1. Z1737 (Hartland  x  Canada 70)
2. Z2407 (Duncan  x  Canada 55)
3. Z2399 (Colonel  x Canada 62)
4. Dailley Brodie Z3184 (Hartland x Z2430 [Hartland x Canada 72])
5. Dailley Capt. Bligh Z1742 (Colonel   x Canada 68) Dk. Brown Tw Ram
6. Z1892 (Hartland  x  Canada 77) White Ram
7. Z4092 (Z1737 [Hartland  x  Canada 70] x Z1727 [Pierre  x  Canada 81]) White S Ram
8.  Dailley Duncan Z4100 (Duncan x Z2442 [Hartland x Canada 82]) Grey S Ram

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