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Breeding Season 1980 (UK)- Lambing 1981 (Canada)

4 Rams, 27 Ewes
---- Color to Color Breeding

Hartland Blue/Grey Ram #0985 Z0985

1. Canada 70 Z0970 White Ewe
                - Single Ram Z1737
2. Canada 71 Z0970 White Ewe
                -Twin Ram Z1745
                - Twin Ram Z1746
3. Canada 78 Z0978 White Ewe
                - Single Ram Z1747
4. Canada 76 Z0976 White Ewe
                - Single Ram Z1748
5. Canada 74 Z0974 White ewe
                - Single Ram Z1749
6. Canada 72 Z0972 White Ewe
                -Single Ewe Z1750
7. Canada 75 Z0975 White Ewe
                -Single Ewe Z1751
8.Canada 79 Z0979 White ewe
                -Dailley Della White Twin Ewe Z1752
                -Twin Ewe Z1753
9. Canada 73 Z0973 White Ewe
                -Single Ram Z1754

Colonel Moorit Ram #0983 Z0983           C1980-1981
1.Canada 69 Z0969 Moorit Horned Ewe
                -Single Ewe Z1734
2. Canada 61 Z0961 Moorit Ewe
                -S Ewe Z1735
                -Dailley Dawn Fawn Twin Ewe Z1736
3. Canada 63 Z0963 Moorit Ewe
                -S Ram Z1738
4. Canada 66 Z0966 Moorit Ewe
                -Moorit S Ewe Z1739
5. Canada 67 Z0967 Moorit Ewe
                -S Ewe Z1740
6. Canada 68 Z0968 Moorit Ewe
                -Twin Ewe Z1741
                -Dailley Capt. Bligh Dark Brown Twin Ram Z1742
7. Canada 62 Z0962 Moorit Ewe
                -Moorit S Ewe Z1743
8. Canada 64 Z0964 Moorit Ewe
                -S Ewe Z1744
9. Canada 65 Z0965 Moorit Ewe
                -Moorit S Ram Z1756

Pierre White Ram #0986 Z0986     P1980-1981
1. Canada 60 Z0960 Black Ewe
                -Dailley Corrine Fawn Twin Ewe Z1720
                -Fawn Twin Ram Z1721
2. Canada 57 Z0957 Blue/Grey Horned Ewe
                -Single Ram Z1722
3. Canada 77 Z0977 White Ewe
                -Ram Z1723
4. Canada 80 Z0980 White ewe
                -Dailley Dale White Twin Ewe Z1724
                -Twin Ewe Z1725
5. Canada 81 Z0981 White Ewe
                -White Twin Ewe Z1726
                -Twin Ewe Z1727
6. Canada 82 Z0982 White Ewe
                -Single Ewe Z1755

Duncan Blue/Grey #0984 Z0984        D1980-1981
1. Canada 56 Z0956 Blue/Grey Ewe
                -Grey Twin Ewe Z1728
                -Dailley Dee Black Tw Ewe Z1729
2. Canada 55 Z0955 Blue/ Grey Ewe
                -Twin Ram Z1730
                -Twin Ewe Z1731
3. Canada 58 Z0958 Blue/Grey Ewe
                -Dailley Daphne Grey Twin Ewe Z1732
                -Twin Ram Z1733

Okay, a few things that caught my eye,
1. Hartland, a Blue/Grey was only put to White ewes. If Hartland was Ag/Aa, the majority of the lambs would have a 25% Percent chance of being Awt/Ag, Awt/Aa, Ag/Aa, or Aa/Aa, assuming all the mothers were Awt/Aa, which, is highly unlikely.
2.Colonel, a Moorit, was only put to Moorit ewes. Pretty Logical.
3. Pierre, a white, gets put to a black, a Blue/Grey, and 4 White Ewes. With the black ewe, he produces two fawn lambs. This could be Fawn (modified), but seeing as how back then most breeders thought Musket was fawn, it could be Musket.
4. Duncan, a Blue/Grey, gets put to 3 Blue/Greys. Also fairly logical...but wait, why was the Horned Blue/Grey put to Pierre? Was Duncan perhaps related to Canada 57? Or did Canada 57 have the worst fleece of the bunch, and was put to Pierre to improve it in the offspring?
5. Where's Canada 59? She didn't breed in 1981, even though she was 4 years old. She actually may have actually lost her lambs to dogs, as they did lose lambs that way the first year or so, or one of the ewes below may have stolen her lamb, as Canada 77 could not have had 2 lambs in the span of 5 months.
6. Canada 77 has a lamb 1981-05-02 and a lamb 1981-10-04.
7. Canada 58 has a lamb 1981-05-07 (by Duncan), 1981-05-08 (by Duncan), and 1981-11-15 (by Hartland)
8. Canada 65 has a lamb 1981-06-01 (by Colonel).
9. This ewe is not in the Registry.

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