Monday, June 26, 2017

Fall Breeding Groups (Tenative)

Korsvejgaard Royal (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Ab/Aa BB/Bb S?/Ss MM?/Mm 

Sheltering Pines Kristine (Underhill Thelonius Monk x Sheltering Pines Catherine)
Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss MM/MM

Hillside Princess (Petite Acres Gavin x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss MM/Mm

Korsvejgaard Catherine (Korsvejgaard Lucid Dream x Sheltering Pines Kristine)
Ab/Aa Bb/Bb SS/Ss MM/Mm

Shaltz Farm Rex (Shaltz Farm Kurt x Shaltz Farm Opal)
Aa/Aa BB/B? SS/S? M?/Mm

Under The Son Madeline (Under The Son Brandon x Glanmore March Madness)
Aa/Aa Bb/Bb SS/S? Mm/Mm

Farview Farm Angelina (Sheltering Pines Darius x Sheltering Pines Gwenhwyfach)

Underhill Bridget (Underhill Gulliver AI x Shepherdwoods Tara)
At/Aa Bb/Bb SS/S? MM/Mm

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Flock Make-Up

Proposed p'/p'
Underhill Bridget
Sire: Underhill Gulliver AI: p'/p
Dam: Shepherdwoods Tara:  p'/p

Hillside Princess
Sire: Petite Acres Gavin: p'/p or p/p
Dam: Sheltering Pines Kristine: p'/p

Under The Son Madeline
Sire: Under The Son Brandon: p'/p or p/p
Dam: Glenmore March Marchness: p'/p or p/p

Sheltering Pines Kristine
Sire: Underhill Thelonius Monk: p'/p'
Dam: Sheltering Pines Catherine: p/p or p'/p

Korsvejgaard Catherine
Sire: Korsvejgaard Lucid Dream: P/p
Dam: Sheltering Pines Kristine: p'/p

Korsvejgaard Royal
Sire: Korsvejgaard Luminous: p/P
Dam: Sheltering Pines Kristine: p/p'

Shaltz Farm Rex
Sire: Shaltz Farm Kurt: p/p'  or p/p
Dam: Shaltz Farm Opal: p/p' or p/p

Farview Farm Angelina
Sire: Sheltering Pines Darius: p/p
Sheletering Pines Gwenhwyfach: p/p

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lambing Summary

I had posted the list of lambs earlier, and frequently post pictures on the Korsvejgaard Facebook page, but I thought I would take a quick minute to summarize lambing this year.

Overall, it was an odd lambing year. I had added 4 new ewes to the flock last summer, and used two unproven rams, so I suppose some surprises are to be expected. I had one lamb born with droopy ears and an underbite. The ears later corrected, but the underbite did not. She was given away to a new home. Numerous lambs this year had problems finding the teats. We had two reject lambs, one was born half the size of it's twin- two hours after it's twin- then died of pneumonia a few days after being born. The other was born to a high-strung first time mom who clearly only wanted to take care of one lamb (it would butt the reject lamb repeatedly). That one was given away as well. Bella's twin rams were born looking the same size, but one is growing twice as fast as it's twin. The smaller one went through some odd conformation phases, but is finally beginning to even out.

I'm not super impressed with the lambs this year. I think my lamb crops the past couple years have been considerably nicer. The horn development on the ram lambs has been pathetic as well, though, some of that was expected considering the rams I used. Bridget's lamb by Eugene has the nicest growing horns so far in terms of length, but they seem to be growing straight back, rather than arching out, which is the same issue Eugene had. I might hang onto him, even though his fleece doesn't look like it will be very fine.

Of the ewe lambs, two have noticeable horn buds growing so far, and those are Catherine and Duchess. Duchess has a fleece like Princess, so I don't know what I want to do with her just yet. Catherine is my hands-down favorite lamb this year. She is definitely going to be retained. No notable horn evidence on Marcella (Madeline's ewe lamb). I don't dislike Marcella, but there's nothing about her that really screams "RETAIN ME!". She's just an average fawn katmoget lamb. I don't feel any divets on her poll, so I hope that means she doesn't carry the polled gene from Lucid. Her spot is held here until I have a reason to move her on, or she begins growing horns; wherein she'll be more suited for my breeding program.

Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Sales List

Korsvejgaard 2017 Sales List

This year, I am hoping to part with my polled (P) carrying lines. This will allow me to have only sex-limited (p) and horned in both sexes (p') lines. Eventually, I will narrow down to sheep that are only p'/p'.

I will update this list as lambs are assessed.

All ram lambs are being held to be butchered, unless you have any special interest in a particular ram.


Grace Farm Imogene (Sheltering Pines Chanson x Grace Farm Athena)
Born 2015
P/? (likely p)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seeking Ram for 2017 Breeding

Hi everyone, I'm seeking a ram for breeding next fall. Here are some attributes I'm looking for the ideal ram:

-Square hocks. Firm backlegs, no low-slung German Shepherd-type hips.
-Small, fluke tail.
-Horned, with no polled background and ideally a son of a horned ewe.
-Modified/dilute okay.
-Spotting ideal.
-Black or Moorit based, doesn't really matter.
-Ideally a ram lamb, but a mature adult with a good disposition will do as well.
-Fine fleeced, micron test not absolutely necessary.

May be willing to trade Korsvejgaard Lucid Dream for the right ram. May end search if I get what I am looking for in 2017 lambs.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Some of you may have noticed that I took down my genetics pages. I didn't really want to, but between some individuals requesting their photos and information be removed (admittedly, not all of them were taken with permission first) and numerous formatting troubles, I ultimately felt it was time. I have saved all the information on my laptop in a word document, so that in the event that I find a better, easier platform to share the information on, I will not have to re-find all the sources and information.

I have added quite a few ewes to the flock this year (4) and am particularly excited for lambing this coming spring. I've tried to do my best in putting together breeding groups, especially to best utilize the elderly ewes I have, so we'll see what we get. Breeding groups are posted on my Korsvejgaard Facebook page, if you want to check them out.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My top picks so far.

The past couple years, I have been kind of apathetic when it comes to naming lambs. So, I just name the ones I like best, then let my Mom name the others (sorry to those who buy from me).

Korsvejgarrd Lucid Dream (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Korsvejgaard Lucille).

This ram lamb is out of a mother-son breeding, and appears to be even finer and more consistent than his sire (Luminous is one of the nicest rams I've ever produced, but he's lost some of his fineness already - a trait I believe that was passed down from Rambo's dam, who was very coarse). He doesn't have quite the tail I was looking for from this cross (Angelina's dark lamb has a much more typey tail). but I think that, like his parents, he'll grow into it, and it will improve with age. He appears to have horn buds, so I am curious to see how his horns will turn out, as I haven't figured out Lucille's and Luminous' horn genotypes yet (and whether or not Lucille carries polled). I do plan on keeping him for this fall, and will likely use him on my coarser ewes. I am also considering bringing in a very fine fleeced ewe to match with him.

 Korsvejgaard Horned Eugene (Korsvejgaard Luminous x Underhill Bridget)
Then there's this guy, Horned Eugene (hehe), the ram I've been wishing for from Bridget for 4 years! He definitely carries one p' allele from Bridget (woo!), and who knows what from Luminous. I like his conformation so far, but he is still very young, and I haven't been able to evaluate him well yet. It's very likely that if he turns out well (crossing my fingers), he'll be used this fall as well, as this will move along our breeding program immensely!