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Two Additions

Picked up two new ewes today (Sunday, 9-17). These two come from Leslie Hildebrandt and Terrie Robbie of Grace Farms, in Shepherd, MI.  Both of these ewes are ten years old and are half-siblings out of the same ram, Underhill Hepburn AI. Hepburn is an F1 out of Enfield Greyling and Nonesuch BL 45. The Nonesuch lines have shown up in pedigrees of numerous horned ewes.

Grace Farm Artemis, the warm black ewe, is horned and is out of Winter Sky Mariah, a moorit horned ewe coming down from Rarebriar lines. Artemis has a coarse, primitive fleece, but hopefully being paired with Royal this once will throw a lamb with a better fleece.
Artemis' Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb SS/S? MM/Mm p'/? (p or p')

Grace Farm Hera, the black katmoget, is hornless and has no horn chips on her skull. She has horned ewe and polled ram genetics in her background, but my guess is that she is p/p. She has Campaign Timothy and Greenholme Holly in her pedigree in addition to Enfeild Greyling, and the impact is c…

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